Similar to Facebook Lite, UC Browser Mini is a popular application intended for those Android handsets that feature low-end hardware. As such, a new APK update is available for you guys and if the regular UC Browser ends up hanging, crashing or causing performance issues on your device, then UC Browser Mini is a very suitable alternative that you can download right away. The changelog and rest of the details that you should be concerned about have been detailed below:

Download Management: Instantly start up UC Browser to download files.

Faster Search: Instant search on UC Browser when you copy text/URL from anywhere on your phone.

Bug Fix: Fixed the problem with unencrypted URL being sent when visiting HTTPS pages.

UC Browser Mini 10.7.8 [APK Download] Is Available for Your Android Device

UC Mini APK download file is very light and brings all the good features of the full UC Browser in a small package. It can be installed on any Android device and weighs below 2MB in size, which is crazy for an application. The biggest perks of the UC Browser Mini is that it is fast, smooth and makes browsing so much fun. However, keep in mind that the plethora of features that you were used to seeing on the regular browser are not going to be present on this version.

As such, we are cautioning this to you again, if your Android device is running low-end specifications and cannot keep up with the demand of the regular UC Browser, turn to UC Browser Mini. If you’re interested in using the app right away, you can get it from When there are more updates of the application released in its APK form, we’ll update you on the details.


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