Aside for Chrome and Firefox, UC Browser has also been brought into the fold of being one of the most popular web browser for Android smartphones. The latest version of the browser is numbered and there are a total of two changes that have been implemented in this update. It says “More concise setting page”, and “More stable surfing”.

While this update is minor in terms of what it offers to users, the slightest update can end up turning a terrible experience into a positive one indeed. This is what has made UC Browser into one of the most popular browsers for the Android ecosystem. There are other notable features added such as Night Mode, themes, incognito browsing and others in order to fulfill the requirements that other popular browsers such as Chrome are able to provide.

UC Browser APK download

However, one huge drawback of Google Chrome is that it consumes a huge amount of system resources such as RAM, and while its long list of features certainly overlook that disadvantage, the UC Browser is definitely the preferred choice for users who cannot spare sufficient resources for a web browser.

The latest update carries a capacity of 17.28MB, which is quite a minute amount, when comparing other updates. The minimum OS update that you will be required to run on your Android smartphone is version 4.0, or ICS (ice cream sandwich). UC Browser can be downloaded from, and if we were you, we would not waste any more time in downloading and installing this web browser.


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