Ubuntu has finally revealed the details of the latest OTA 9.1, of the Ubuntu Touch OS. The all new update, which is dubbed as version 9.1, will fix the infamous incoming call issue. But it looks like Canonical is a bit late with this update as many of the users have found better alternatives. The updates from Canonical are usually right on schedule but the past few weeks were really tight for them due to their event at the MWC 2016. Łukasz Zemczak from Canonical announced that the update would be available in phases starting from the 24th of February. Łukasz Zemczak also said that the developers were really busy because of the announcements of Meizu Pro 5, BQ Aquaris M10 and Sony Xperia Z1 port.


Apart from the incoming call issue, the Ubuntu OTA 9.1 also fixes the newly found Glibc vulnerability.  It is highly recommended that you update the phone as soon as possible. The newly found flaw in the Glibc library allows attackers to remotely call the functions, gethostbyname() and gethostbyname2() and execute a piece of code that will take place with the permission of the user.

It is very easy to check for the new update. Simply go to the System Settings panel and check the Updates tab for any new updates. One more thing that was announced by the developers of Ubuntu Touch is the arrival of the next major OTA. OTA-10 will feature awesome new features and updates and will start rolling out by the end of March this year.


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