Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu has released the Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 update for Ubuntu phones and tablet devices. This is a major update which comes with some new exciting features.


As noted by Canonical’s Łukasz Zemczak, the update will be rolled out in phases during a 24-hour period. So, in case you haven’t received the update yet, stay calm as it may take a few more hours before the update hits your device.

The Softpedia team had a chance to go through the preliminary release notes and cited the availability of Aethercast (also known as Miracast) technology for providing Wireless display support to all devices. The only exception to the device list is Meizu PRO M5, which comes with built-in wireless display functionality.

This is one of the most requested features and will help users to connect their phones and tablets wirelessly to a TV or a supported LCD monitor.

Not just that, the OTA-11 update also introduces shell rotation support, which makes it possible to run Unity 8 interface in landscape mode. Then, there is the adoption of the NetworkManager 1.2 network connection manager, allowing for a more secure internet connection on a WiFi network.

Along with that, there are the usual bug fixes and performance improvements to the OTA-10 OS. Overall, the Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 is a pretty hefty update and also the one to bring many new features to the mobile OS.

You can read the official release notes sheet HERE


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