On Tuesday, Canonical’s Daniel Holbach announced that the worldwide Ubuntu Linux community will get together in the next iteration of the Ubuntu Online Summit (UOS) this November. He confirmed the November 15 and 16, 2016 as the dates for the widely anticipated event.

Image Credit: Canonical

As you probably already know, the main attraction of UOS 2016 going to be the launch of the next major Ubuntu release, namely Ubuntu 17.04.

The codename for Ubuntu 17.04 is yet to be decided upon – probably Canonical and Ubuntu founds Mark Shuttleworth will settle on a moniker shortly after the release of Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak on October 13, 2016.

“At the event, we are going to celebrate the 16.10 release and all the great things which are new and get to talk about what’s coming up in Ubuntu 17.04,” Daniel Holbach stated in a mailing list announcement sent out on Tuesday.

“The event will be added to summit.ubuntu.com shortly, and you will all receive a reminder or two to add your sessions.”

Just like the version number implies, the stable version of the Ubuntu 17.04 OS is expected to arrive sometime during April 2017.

Ubuntu 17.04, expected to enter development shortly after the release of Yakkety Yak, will be a normal release of the Debian-based OS platform currently in use on millions of computers worldwide.

This won’t be an LTS (Long Term Supported) release, meaning there’s won’t be any major changes or additions.

The conceptual foundation for Ubuntu 17.04 will be laid down by the Ubuntu developers during the forthcoming event. You can watch the Ubuntu Online Summit 2016 live on Canonical’s Ubuntu On Air website.

Visit http://summit.ubuntu.com for more details.

Via: Marius Nestor (Softpedia)


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