It was reported earlier this week that several of the Ubuntu’s opt-in flavors would be receiving their first beta build by the 25th of February. And as promised, the first beta build for Ubuntu Kylin 16.04 LTS is here. The developers have said that many of the softwares are ready for wider testing and may contain bugs. Ubuntu Kylin is the official Chinese version of the Ubuntu operating system. The new beta build has brought in a lot of changes in the core of the OS as well as updates to most of the libraries and packages.

Ubuntu Kylin

The specific packages like ubuntukylin-theme 1.5.0, indicator-china-weather 2.1.4, ubuntukylin-default-settings 1.3.12 and more found inside the Ubuntu Kylin have also undergone a major overhaul. One of the most interesting features is the inclusion of a new package called Kylin-greeter. As the name suggests, it adds a new login interface to the OS. It is based on the LightDM and unity-greeter but has the style of Ubuntu Kylin.

The first beta build has brought about a lot of excitement among the Ubuntu fans. If you are one of them and are dying to try out the new features, get the live ISO images right now. It is available for download on 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Choose the one that suits your system and get started now. But be careful, as the beta build may have some bugs which can hinder performance and cause some issues. It is highly recommended to not install the beta build on a production machine.


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