Ubisoft reported that it will extend one of its current effective games as opposed to discharging another session of a similar establishment. Amid Ubisoft’s quarterly budgetary phone call, Chief Executive Officer Yves Guillemot gave more data about the up and coming line-up for the period between April first, 2017 and March 31st, 2018.

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Ubisoft Will Release 4 AAA Games in Financial Year 2017-18

Guillemot said that the organization chose to extend a current fruitful game. They will do this by conveying more substance for it. Rather than discharging another game for the establishment as at first arranged. As a result, the organization hopes to discharge a most extreme of four new AAA releases in the following monetary year.

Later in the call, Chief Financial Officer Alain Martinez affirmed that one of those AAA titles is South Park: The Fractured yet Whole. In any case, that was gotten off the current monetary year and into the next one. This is on the grounds that the title “required only a couple of months more” of development time.

He likewise clarified the motivation behind why the organization chose to extend one of its games as opposed to discharging another cycle. He said that the reason is that the organization’s games are doing exceptionally well. Besides, the backlist substance is more productive than any other time in recent memory. This brought on a higher concentration on live operations for Ubisoft.

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