Twitter has released a new “Lite” version of its mobile Web service that allows users to access the microblogging platform without consuming too much space or data.

Just like most other social media apps, the full-fledged Twitter official app can also be a bit too space and data consuming for the preference of many. So, if you are constantly bothered by these trade-offs but want to access Twitter anyway, then the new Lite version is definitely going to make a balanced choice.

Twitter Lite features

The new mobile service is in continuation of Twitter’s efforts to ensure that its services are accessible by anyone and are not accompanied by worries over the aforementioned hiccups.

According to the company, the new mobile Web experience results in far less data consumption than usual in addition to being 30% faster. In fact, such is the speed of the new service that you can even use it on a 2G network with ease.

What’s even more interesting is that Twitter Lite is a JavaScript app that consumes less than 1MB of your device. That doesn’t mean Twitter is a half-baked version, though. It offers the full spectrum of services that’s otherwise available on Twitter app or Web. In addition to allowing you to check your notifications and timeline, Twitter Lite allows you to check trends, receive and send direct messages, upload images and videos, and receive push notifications.

Better still, the Lite version of the Twitter website comes with a Data Saver toggle button that, when activated, can reduce data usage by as much as 70%. Despite its effectiveness, the modus operandi is fairly simple. The Data Saver button accomplishes its goal by smaller previews of the requested content such as photos or videos before delving into the full experience.


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