If you use the Twitter app for Android to stay in touch with your friends and favourite publis icons, then you should know that the app has received a new update today from its developers. The latest Twitter APK comes with version number 5.99.0 and build number 5116722. The download file weighs 21.53 MB and works with all devices running Android 4.0.3 or above.


The developers haven’t shared any changelog with this new Twitter 5.99 app update. So we don’t yet know whether or not this release comes with any new features. However, we are still going through this update and will be updating you if something new comes our way. But we do think that the release comes with general optimisations to speed and stability and some normal bug fixes.

Do note that this is an alpha release. For those who don’t known, alpha releases come before beta, which means that this Twitter 5.99 APK alpha update might be more unstable and might contain more bugs than a beta release. So you may experience app crashes or issues like constant rebooting. But do try out the update and you may find something new; do let us know if you do.

You can download Twitter 5.99 APK from the source link given below.


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