Twilight Princess HD developer Tom Crago recently expressed his optimism about Nintendo’s upcoming console in an interview with IGN. The CEO of Tantalus is not unfamiliar to porting games to different consoles. Established in 1994, their revenue stream mostly came from porting coin-op games to PC and console. By the time Tom Crago stepped in as CEO the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.

“I looked at the skills they had and what I thought I could bring to that partnership”, remembers Crago, “and so I went over there and I said, “guys, you should make me a shareholder and make me your CEO”.

Twilight Princess HD developer has done some ports for Nintendo previously

Before Crago, the studio had games Stargate on the SNES and Wipeout on Saturn. Under Crago, the company would release hit titles like Top Gear Rally to the Game Boy Advance and port Unreal II to the Xbox. Tantalus would also lead the company to develop Pony Friends to the DS which would end up starting its own sub-genre with a million following. The company would also port Deus Ex Human Revolution and Mass Effect 3 to the WiiU.

twilight princess hd
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The company would eventually release Twilight Princess HD to rave reviews but Crago reflects on all the talent he had lost since he became a part of the company

“We lost a lot of our talent around Australia. A lot of really good people went to work in Canada or in Europe after things changed here. Very often unfortunately, those people don’t come back. We lost a number of people too to different industries. Smart technical people went to work for banks or consultancies or whatever. Of course they make their own games after work and publish them themselves on the app store”.

Crago says that he is really excited for Nintendo’s upcoming console. He is also very keen to work on VR “we have some original concepts that we’re working on for VR”. You can read the full interview of the Twilight Princess HD dev here. For more on Twilight Princess HD and Tantalus’s other titles, stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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