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The atmosphere is important to survive on Earth. It’s the most important layer of air that protected the life of earth and prevented objects from space and radiation coming from the Sun.  While scientists are still struggling to understand more about it, a recent groundbreaking advanced research study reveals how particles are formed.

The advanced research study is being done at the University of Leeds. The research is led by Professor Ken Carslaw of the School of Earth and Environment. Most of the research is done with the aid of computer simulation on the particle formation in the atmosphere.


It requires a basic understanding of the formation to understand how the particles are formed. Numerous water droplets form a cloud. The water from the surface of the Earth is taken upwards in a process called evaporation. In the atmosphere, they later condense and forms droplets called aerosols.

The study of the formation of particles is not easy, and the measurement of formation in labs has not been into the practical study. With the aid of the CLOUD experiment, even this is possible. This experiment will be helpful in finding out the particle size and to determine how many particles are needed to cluster together. This process is carried out in a special chamber specially designed for this, and conditions are well maintained.

The process by which the particles cluster, Nucleation is a very important event as nearly half of the water droplets are born in that way. Because of this entirely new breakthrough in science, scientists will be able to get a clearer picture on how the particles are formed. They will also have a new insight about the climatic changes and rising global temperature. Life here on earth is completely dependent on the climate change. This is a major study of climate change.


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