Trickster episode 4 was released a few days ago, meaning that fans are now eagerly waiting for the next episode of this new series to arrive. The anime is getting better day by day as more story is getting revealed as time passes. And fans loved the previous episode as it revealed a lot of stuff about various characters.

The first three episodes focused on the mystery behind Twenty Faces. However, starting from episode 4, the spotlight is now on Inoue’s story. So without any further due, here is a short recap of Trickster episode 4 and spoilers of episode 5. Keep in mind that the following recap contains major spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.

Trickster Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 focused more on the history of Inoue’s story. At the start of the episode, we got a chance to meet his old friend, Katsuda. Katsuda was a tennis player when he was in school and was one of the popular kids. We also got to see some flashbacks of the past, through which it was revealed that before Inoue’s accident, he and Katsuda were really good friends and were close. This also suggested that Katsuda was a member of the Boy Detectives Club, as we saw some memories from the past.

However, after he saw Inoue in the hospital, both of them ignored each other and walked away. Now, in Trickster episode 5, we might get to see what actually happened between Katsuda and Inoue that made the two hate each other. Along with this, fans might also see the accident of Inoue, because of which he got paralyzed. At the end of episode 4, we also got to see Katsuda speaking to Hanasaki and telling him to follow what their leader, Akechi said. So you can definitely expect to see some new characters and surprises in the coming episodes.

Trickster Episode 5

The scene then switches to Twenty Faces, who is seen taunting Akechi. Twenty Faces reveals that he has a hostage, and his life can only be saved if Akechi finds him. He then sends a disk to Akechi, and that very disk was the one found by Police Commissioner Nao and her colleague in a car crash site. They later ask Akechi to help them in solving the case. Akechi agrees to help them, but only on one condition.

His condition was that Kobayashi should work on the case with him. At first, Kobayashi refused, but later joined him in solving the case after Akechi bribed him with hamburgers. So it wasn’t that hard to get him on the case.

They later discover that the disk they found contained a video in it. In that video, they saw a man reading instructions about a game Twenty Faces is planning to start. That very person reading the instructions was the hostage Twenty Faces was talking about. Inoue then states that the person reading the instructions was blinking oddly, like he was sending some kind of message through a code. He thought that he was trying to tell the location of where he is, so Kobayashi went to check it out.

Trickster Episode 5

As the video is about to end, Twenty Faces appears in it. He states that if they don’t find this person soon, he will die. However, he states that he won’t be the one who will kill him. So the question is, who will then? This question will be hopefully answered in the coming episode.

Hanasaki To Save Kobayashi And Inoue Form Drowning In Trickster Episode 5

Kobayashi and Inoue then arrive on the scene. However, they are later locked up in a sewer by two unknown masked men, who seemed to be working for Twenty Faces. Kobayashi then tries to break the walls, but fails. The episode then ends with water being released from the pipes and Kobayashi and Inoue trapped in it. Currently, rumors are that Hanasaki will come and save them. He is rumored to save them just when they are about to drown. The three will then work together to solve the case.

Trickster Episode 5 Release Date

Trickster episode 5 will be released this week. The episode will reveal what happened between Katsuda and Inoue in the past. The episode will also reveal whether Hanaski will come to rescue Kobayashi and Inoue or not.

Let us know if you’re excited for Trickster episode 5 or not in the comments below.


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