Looks like the Russian data mining was still right for the most part. The data mine’s weakness is that it’s an old schedule . It can easily change. Regardless it’s an obvious move to release the main old world factions in the first game anyway. Here’s your first look at the Total War Warhammer Wood Elves DLC.


Total War Warhammer Wood Elves DLC announced

This makes me sad because if the order is correct then we are not going to get Skaven anytime soon. We can only imagine Skaven would be one of the more challenging races to implement on the campaign, like under a lot of Imperial cities there is a twisted mirror Skaven city. How would that look on the campaign? Unless if they bypass that or rebellions have a play there [maybe upping the chances of Skaven rebellions].

They should have an underworld map in our opinion; that would replace the dwarf and green skin underway stance. That way they could have some of the karaks underground as well as the Skaven cities. Probably, the next thing they are working on is a large-scale stand-alone expansion which, if you have the already released version, shall expand the map and add like 3 new factions.

It’s been all but confirmed that they are going to do two expansions as well as several more raceDLCc packs. So, no wood elves will not be the last faction. If you look on the grand campaign map there is already room for tomb kings/ ogre kingdoms areas that are left blank, both of which are in the Russian data leak.

You can watch the video trailer below in all it’s glory. Here is the description of the Wood Elves via Eurogamer:

“To outsiders, the forest realm of Athel Loren is a brooding and malicious place. The creak and groan of living wood echoes from its dim interior, the canopy seems to absorb all light, and half-seen spirits dart between the twilit bowers. To enter is to place your fate in their hands”


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