In this Total War: Warhammer Unit Guide we will be looking at the brand new Runelord. We’ll talk about the stats and abilities of this new guy. Does he fare well for costing so much? After all it is a Lord unit. So, let’s take a look at some of the differences between this lord unit and the Runesmith.

total war: warhammer unit guide
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Total War: Warhammer Unit Guide for Dwarf Runelord

Runesmiths are basically the Wizards of the Dwarf Temple. They have 120 armor which is the same as that of the Runelord. But the Runelord has 400 more hit points. It’s melee attack is 40 and speed is at 75 (it’s still a dwarf unit with short legs). However, its weapons strength is pretty less and Charge Bonus is 16. So, maybe that Shiny/ Glowing Hammer doesn’t help its attacks much.

There are two major differences between the Runelord and Runesmith. He has the Lord ability which is Stand Your Ground. Most leading units have it and casting it will affect not only the leading unit but allies within a range of 45 meters. It gives a nice bonus to leadership and melee defense. The other new thing it has is the Rune of Hearth and Home. It’s a constant ability which affects all your allies within 45 meters. The leading unit and affected ones will get 100% Charge Resistance and they will be immune to Psychology. This is ridiculously massive and it’s going to last for the entirety of the game.

You can put the Runelord on the Anvil of Doom. Like the name suggests, it’s a big throne with an anvil on it and it gives him a lot more hit points. About a 1000 more hit points give him even more leadership and he also gets a Physical Resistance of 25%. This makes an already Tanked up character really tough to take down.

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