Creative Assembly’s real time strategy game Total War Warhammer will get another DLC on September 1st titled “the Grim and the Grave”. The new DLC will add two new legendary lords – Empire’s Volkmar the Grim and Vampire Counts’ Helman Ghorst. It will also add two new Lord types and 18 elite “Regiments of Renown”. You can watch the DLC trailer:

New Units and “Regiments of the Renown”


The five new units include Knights of the Blazing Sun, Flagellants, and Free Company Militia for the Empire. For Vampire Counts, there will be Corpse Cart and Mortis Engine. The Total War wiki explains that the Regiments of the Renown are divided into two for both the core playable races.

“These are elite, mercenary variants of existing units; reverently-named squads, batteries and other troops who have distinguished themselves in past conflicts. The first Lords Pack will ship with 18 of them – nine for one of the core playable races, and nine for another.”

However, there will also be a free update that will add five new playable maps and a new legendary lord. PC Gamer reported that Sega wanted to keep providing free content to its fans as part of the update program.

“The first—and arguably greatest—of the Vampire Counts is a nigh-unrivaled practitioner of the Lore of Vampires, granting Vanguard Deployment to all units under his command, whose thirst for the throne of the Empire rivals even that of Mannfred himself.”

Total War Warhammer had a DLC released prior in July

via vg247
via vg247

Total War Warhammer recently released the “Call of the Beastmen” add-on on July 28 to mixed reviews. The DLC added a new race called Beastmen, two new playable Legendary Lords, a new campaign and some additional units. Creative Assembly plans to expand the arsenal available to players in its upcoming DLC for Total War Warhammer. We will have to wait for September 1st to find out how it is received by the community.

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