Whelp, CA has done it again and another faction is apparently revealed ahead of schedule. This time it’s going to be the Wood Elves. Beastmen and Wood elves should compete over “Forest regions” in the same way that Humans and Vampires compete or Dwarves and Greenskins compete. CA didn’t go down that route, so we think the concept of spreading forest would be really cool.


Could Wood Elves be coming to the new Total War Warhammer DLC?

You can check out the hints of the new DLC at Reddit. Brettonia is, at the moment, a free faction with the majority of their roster covered. We think the roster will be filled when they are added to the campaign, which will very possibly happen alongside the wood elf release. Bretonnia and Athelorien are quite tightly linked together. By tightly we mean that they have a non-aggression pack, which is the closest Wood Elves have ever come to diplomatic relationships with the rest of the Old Word.

So, from looking at their roster, it would seem they are just a natury version of the Greenskins. So, mostly as far as animation, a lot of re-skinning could be done to save them re-animating. We see the variety of creatures each carrying a different role, the elves, we’re sure, will be guerilla tactic. We also see the wood elves as savage wild elves. Not the refined pompous a-holes that make up the high elves.

We wonder how the wood elves will expand in the map. Will there be something like forest corruption and, at the end, the world will be a huge forest? This is what we’re hoping for. Only able to take neighboring provinces to simulate Athel Lorens Growth. Basically, making a frontline push constantly. Also, we’d love to see major cities corrupted and twisted by the trees and magic, making sieges aesthetically pleasing. In the lore, the wood elves are trying to restrain Athel Loren’s growth with waystones. Perhaps they could make a Sylvaneth campaign where you take Drycha or Coeddill and try to cover the Old World with trees? Let us know what you would expect in this new Total War Warhammer DLC.


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