Torrent websites like Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrents, ExtraTorrent, Rarbg are the go-to sources for downloading and watching pirated movies online. But, all this could change and Torrent websites might get hurt big time with a new plan on the horizon by the biggest Hollywood studios.

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The biggest use of torrent sites is done for downloading illegal copies of movies. Most of the users flock to such portals for watching movies at the same time – or soon after – their cinematic release window. However, such users might soon be able to acquire legal copies of films mere weeks after their theatrical debuts.

As reported by Variety, top Hollywood Studios are coming together to offer their content to customers at home, weeks after their debut in cinema. The list of studios includes Warner Bros, who is the most thrilled with the new idea. Sources say that Studios have agreed on providing movies to video-on-demand services as soon as 17 days after theatrical release. But, it won’t be cheap, though. Users might need to pay as much $50 to screen the movie at home.

The idea and the cost aren’t far off from what Sean Parker proposed for his Screening Room project last year.

Nothing has been finalized yet, as Studios disagree on some points. For example, Fox wants a 30 to 45-day gap between theatrical release and rental, but at a reasonable price of $30 for streaming the movie.

Universal, on the other hand, wants to make movies available online within 20 days but needs further discussion for the pricing.

And as far as Disney is concerned, the studio thinks the current 90-day release window is just fine, and need not be tempered. And one can understand why Disney thinks this way, as their biggest properties, including its Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, and animated movies typically have long run in theaters.

It will be interesting to see what each Studio decides and signs an agreement with theater chains as required under anti-trust laws.


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