As an employer, you probably frequently encounter employees who spend an unacceptable amount of time tapping and staring at the screens of their Android phones and other web-connected devices. They could be engaging in lengthy calling and texting sessions, using social networking platforms excessively, exploring the web, and watching random videos without the fear of getting caught, all at the expense of their productivity. And all this is made possible for them due to the very digital privileges that you’ve granted them for work purposes.

To counter this problem, the most obvious thing to do here is to deploy an employee monitoring solution and thus put eyes on the screens of their smartphones. To perform this task proficiently, you need a reliable tool, but in the midst of hundreds of them, it can get pretty difficult to find an app that is both powerful and reliable. Realizing this concern, we have outlined three of the best employee monitoring solutions available in the market this year.

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Mobistealth spy software is a great tool for monitoring your employees’ use of smartphones and internet in the workplace. You can read all of their conversations done through SMS, Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber. These are the most popular platforms, so if you have eyes on them, it would certainly serve to discourage their use in the workplace.

Another brilliant feature present in this app is of web browser logging. It tells you what sites your employees have been visiting and if those sites are related to work, leisure, or something significantly detrimental to the interests of your business. You can also view their call details such as phone numbers, duration of calls, and timestamps. There’s also the location tracking feature that lets you track your employees’ movement through GPS and text messages.

Other than that, Mobistealth offers email logging, call recording, surround recording, picture and video logging, app list, contact details, SIM change notifications, and so much more. If employees’ slacking off is getting out of hand or if they seem to be engaged in fishy activities lately, then you will certainly find Mobistealth to be a huge help.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is another brilliantly designed employee monitoring app. It goes a step further in terms of social network monitoring as it enables you to keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter activity. To top it off, it allows you to see YouTube activity of your employees, which of course is a huge help. Messaging done through WhatsApp, Hangout, BBM, Viber, Skype, LINE, Fring, Kik, ChatOn can also be monitored through this app, giving you access to almost every conversation taking place on your employee’s smartphones.

Other than that, there are some basic features that help you keep an eye on calls, contact list, SMS, MMS, employees’ locations, emails, web history, and so much more. If Mobistealth doesn’t do the trick for you, then you will certainly find Mobile Spy to your liking.


mSpy is another great employee monitoring software to keep tabs on your employees. This app lets you view call logs of your employees, and also allows you to impose the restriction on a particular phone number. If your employee makes too many calls on a specific number, you can probe it further, and if the person on the other end poses even the slightest bit of risk to your business interests, then you can block it through this solution. Moreover, it grants you the ability to keep tabs on some of the most popular messaging platforms, namely Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, Snapchat, LINE, Telegram, Tinder, and Hangouts.

You can also read emails and monitor internet usage of your employees using this employee monitoring mobile software. Other than that, mSpy offers location tracking, MMS monitoring, picture and video logging, Instagram monitoring, ability to lock device, ability to wipe out data, and so much more. If the aforementioned tools don’t do the trick for you, then you should consider giving mSpy a try.