The end of 2014 is near and it’s been an amazing year for Android apps and games. But not every Android app made a splash or, perhaps worse, many apps made a negative splash. Let’s talk about the most controversial Android apps of 2014.

 1.  Ass Hunter

First up on our list is a Duck Hunter knock off called Ass Hunter and this was a pretty messed up game.

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You played as a hunter who shot naked men and if the naked men approached you and you didn’t shoot them, they had gay sex with you. It was reported that the app description contained such phrases as “play and do not be gay” and “…you are a hunter and your mission is to kill gays as much as you can.” That gives you a pretty clear indication on why this game made people angry.


2.  Virus Shield

Virus Shield made headlines earlier this year when it took the coveted top spot as the number one paid app in the Google Play Store.

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This was pretty impressive especially considering that the app did absolutely nothing. If you downloaded the app you’d be treated to two screens. There was one with an “X” on it and another with a check mark and you could go from one to the other by tapping on the screen. The app was doing nothing else other than change graphics. The developer stated that it was accidental release but the damage had been done.

 3.  Secret

Secret is another anonymous platform where people can anonymously post secrets about themselves and others.

top 5 controversial android apps

You can see where this is going. Things have gone so far with Secret that it’s been banned in Israel because people are using it for cyber bullying and also in Brazil for similar reasons. It’s also been used to post faulty secrets such as fake device leaks and other fallacious content. Secret is still available for some people.


 4.  Yo

Yo isn’t really controversial but it is a curious case. The premise of the app is ridiculously simple. It’s a messaging platform that only says one word and that word is “Yo”.

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The idea is for users to assign meaning to the word and then when they receive a message, they know something happened. For instance, a sports team PR may send out a Yo whenever the team scores. Motorola recently used it to hold a contest. The thing most don’t understand is why this app is so popular and why so many investors have dumped money into it. Yo was developed in one day and it’s already earned tens of millions of dollars in financing. Oh and let’s not forget the huge security problem that it had when it started out. It’s an anomaly.

In the End the app that got into the controversy in the end of the year

 5.  Uber

It’s true that Uber wasn’t released this year but it’s driven enough controversy (get it?) to earn a spot on this list. Where to begin with this one? The app has been banned in India and that has sparked talks to banning it other cities.

uper delhi contoversy android app

The app was doing well until the incident happened in Delhi. That raised many question on the Uber Service. How they are employing the drivers, are they reliable, are they doing all the check to ensure the security of the passengers. Till the day the app is banned and the company mailed their members (those who have account with Uber) that they concern about them and they will be back with much better service. Till then their fate is in the hand of Supreme court.

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