Once again, Sunday has arrived and this time we are bringing you our carefully constructed, personal opinion-based Top 5 list of the best mobile MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games.

For a true gamer, weekends are always the best opportunity for a gaming marathon. So it seems like a good time to help our readers, especially those who are generally gaming enthusiasts, to pick a decent MMO for today’s playing session. To be precise, in this Top 5 list we will strictly be focusing on mobile games that are made for online gaming with lots of player interaction and cooperative modes. Our choices are not necessarily just 2015 games, but may include older ones if they suit our criteria.

5 – Avabel Online

This might not surprise a few of you, as Avabel Online is a pretty popular MMORPG from Asobimo Inc. set in a fantasy themed environment. Avabel Online is a game that we could imagine being epic as a PC MMORPG as well, perhaps with improved graphics and controls, but fundamentally speaking, it is a very well-engineered mobile game for both Android and iOS devices. There is plenty of PvE (Player versus Environment) content to mess around with as well as some epic PvP (Player versus Player) battles hosting up to 1000 gamers at once. Class-wise, Avabel Online brings 7 primary ones that are: Magician, Warrior, Acolyte, Ranger, Rogue, Creator and Wanderer. According to Google Play Store, there are also 9 new advanced classes available. Guilds play a heavy role in this intriguing MMORPG, and there are actual Guild vs. Guild fights in the game.

4 – Ragnarok Online: Path of Heroes

Ragnarok: Path of Heroes is an MMORPG that has achieved a lot in its PC version, and also managed to conquer the mobile gaming industry. The game is a great combination of fantasy and anime themes with constant updates and an increasing amount of features added. This fantastic MMO is free-to-play with some in-game micro transactions. There are various helpful additions to the game like an automated party search system and improved user interface customization. Upon entering the world of Ragnarok: Path of Heroes, players can complete tons of PvE and PvP content alike. It is quite easy to learn but very hard to get rid of.

3 – Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout managed to achieve 3rd place on our Top 5 list, not without reason. It is an amazing online shooter by Gameloft with so much stuff to do. Great controls allow the player to easily master the basics, but prepare to face viscous opponents through the man Squad vs. Squad matchups. You can choose from 5 playable classes: Heavy, Assault, Recon, Sniper and Support. These change the way you play and the weapons you use. Leaderboards, social interaction and great events further enhance gameplay, not to mention the fantastic visuals and sound.

modern combat
2 – Zenonia 5

Zenonia has been a long-running series of some epic action MMOs and the 5th installment of the game is definitely awesome. Combos and the well-designed dynamic action are fantastic features of the game, as well as its anime-themed universe. We can characterize our heroes in a very in-depth way and test their skills in both PvE and PvP environments. Tons of quests await us in Zenonia 5, and legendary items to be found. The handsome HD visuals will definitely not disappoint you. The game is available for free, with a possibility of in-game purchases.

Zenonia 5
1 – Order & Chaos 2: Redemption

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption is an MMORPG that is just as popular worldwide as its previous version. The game is basically like a PC MMORPG, slightly similar to World of Warcraft, with a wide range of races and classes to choose from. PvP has received a lot of attention in the game, but if you are a peaceful gamer, there are lots of quests, dungeons to conquer for the PvE-lovers. Controls are very well-implemented onto mobile devices that are actually somewhat easy to learn. Be prepared that the game will require over 1.7GB of free space on your mobile device. Order & Chaos 2: Redemption is without question a worthy winner of today’s Top 5 list.

Order & Chaos 2: RedemptionWe hope that you enjoyed today’s installment of MobiPicks Sunday Special, and that our list of Top 5 Mobile MMOs managed to please some of our readers, and perhaps served as a guideline in choosing a game to play. Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to check out these exciting mobile games.


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