Total War: Warhammer

Release Date: May 24th
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux


For its tenth foray into the Total War series, The Creative Assembly ventures into the world of fantasy Warhammer universe. Expect classic Total War gameplay: split between turn-based strategy and real-time battlefield tactics, but this time with a twist: the Warhammer universe, which allows for such fantasy factions as the Greenskins, Dwarfs and Vampires. Command monsters, warriors, trolls, giants and heroes – and even steam tanks, yes.

Total War: Warhammer promises to be the biggest Total War game yet. As The Creative Assembly explains, the game uses 30 different types of body skeletons, as opposed to the mere 5-6 types used in previous games. The old and familiar will blend with the new and fantastic in this edition of Total War.


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