Release Date: May 24th
Platforms: Windows, PS4, Xbox One


Blizzard throws its lot in the online multiplayer FPS field with Overwatch, another hero-based shooter coming out this month. Two teams of six players each, composed entirely of unique heroes, fight each other in gorgeous, stylised arenas. The game has been frequently compared to Team Fortress 2, thanks to its cartoony, stylised graphics and its gameplay, which includes modes such as Assault (attackers capture two target points), Escort (deliver a payload to the delivery point) and Control (Double Domination from Unreal Tournament 2004, if you remember it).

With Blizzard’s weight behind Overwatch, it’s bound to be fairly big. Will it be the Team Fortress 2 of this console generation? If you want to try it out, a public beta will be held between May 5th and May 9th – it will include all the content from the final game, so it’s practically a demo.


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