The original Tomb Raider redefined the action-adventure genre and 3D third person gaming in general. However, the game we most fondly remember is Tomb Raider 2. Tomb Raider 2 is the embodiment of adventure gaming. It combines clever puzzles, spectacular architecture and level design, exciting combat and a captivating but paper-thin plot. However, the good outweighs the bad so much that it is easily one of the finest games ever created. Good news for all Lara Croft fans. Tomb Raider 2 remastered will be releasing soon.

tomb raider 2 remastered
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Tomb Raider 2 Remastered – It’s being done in the unreal engine 4

No, this is not an official release but a fan remake. However, it looks incredibly beautiful. The game is being made for the ground up. Youtuber Nicobass posted on the tomb raider forums that most of the gameplay features are finished and all that is left is level design and environment creation.

He recently uploaded a new Tomb Raider 2 Remastered video. It shows the first level from the original game “Great Wall”. It is strikingly similar to the original game’s first level. You start in the same way, sliding down a slope and landing in your mountaineering gear. The moment you take the first few steps, the camera pans towards a helicopter flying overhead. You then make your way to a puddle. There was no tiger in the video but everything else was so strikingly similar to the original game that it hit all the right strings. The terrain design was more accurate and didn’t involve chunks of blocks glued together to give the impression of a rugged landscape.

Tomb Raider 2 remastered looks awfully similar to Crystal Dynamic’s Tomb Raider games

Lara Croft’s character model is very similar to the model used in Tomb Raider games made by Crystal Dynamics, namely Legend and Underworld. It also moves and plays just like that. That’s obviously not a point of contention because, as much as we loved the old Tomb Raider games, the controls didn’t allow for fluid gameplay. This time, though, it’ll not only be enjoyed by old time players but by newcomers as well.

We’ll see whether the one-man work on such a large project was worth it after Tomb Raider 2 remastered is released after a few years. So far, there seems to be no enemy AI in the game yet and no gadgets as well. But we expect that to be in the game soon. Head on over to Nicobass Youtube channel to check out his work.


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