Super exciting news for The Division fans here. Tom Clancy’s The Division PTS will go live on September 22 for Elite Task Force members. However, it will be available to everyone else on September 26. This is massive for the game. A huge step forward because the game is in a bad place right now.

tom clancy's the division pts
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Tom Clancy’s The Division PTS

At the moment, the game has a lot of problems. It’s fairly unbalanced and not so fun to play. Update 1.4 will be coming out in October and will change the game drastically. Everything from weapon balances and gear, loot, Dark Zones. Basically, everything that annoys you right now will be taken care of (hopefully).

The devs are also assembling the Elite Task Force. So, they’re going to invite some people down to the studio to give them some feedback. In summary, Ubisoft is working really hard to turn things around for the game. The introduction of a public test server is really good for the game’s longevity.

So, what is a public test server? Well, for those who don’t know, basically it’s a server that behaves just like the game. However, every time a new update is about to hit the game, it will go to the public test server first. So, people can jump in there, test it out and let the devs know what they think of it through constructive feedback.

Furthermore, the public tests server will only be available on PC. Traditionally, PTS has always been on PC. PTS for Overwatch was on PC even though the game had a significantly large audience on consoles. It’s more to do with the technical side of things. So, it’s good news if you’re a PC player because you will get to play on Tom Clancy’s The Division PTS. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more.