We’ll talk about Tom Clancy’s The Division Patch 1.4. A lot of changes will be coming to 1.4 and we’ve decided to summarize them here for you. The public test servers for the games have also been announced. However, it will only be for PC. Basically, it involves players testing the new updates before it is finally released for the game. The developer recently released a very long blog post. It explains all the changes coming to Tom Clancy’s The Division Patch 1.4. We’re going to summarize it for you.

tom clancy's the division patch 1.4
via the division dev blog

Tom Clancy’s The Division Patch 1.4 Summary – Gear changes

All gear in World Tier 2 and higher will have all three base stats – Firearms, Stamina and Electronics. Furthermore, other bonuses, like critical chance and headshot damage, will be scaled down to fit the new game balance. Also, gear will lose their skill bonuses. However, backpacks, holsters, and knee pads will gain new performance mod slots. Consequently, this will make it easier to customize to fit your build.

Gear Sets will have their Gear Score to the same levels as High-End gear. Stat overlaps between Gear Scores have been removed. High-End gear talents have been rebalanced. Scavenging has been removed fro the game.

Weapon Changes

New DPS formula on weapons has been introduced. But it’s still a work in progress so expect a lot of fluctuations on this in the future. The damage and roles of certain weapons have been changed. Named weapons will not be changed in this update. Furthermore, weapon mods will now come with one major bonus and an amount of smaller bonuses. This will depend on the quality of the mod.

Damage bonuses are now additive instead of multiplicative. The Firearm stat will become a much more significant source of damage output. Weapon talents have been rebalanced. Some have been buffed, others have seen their numbers reduced.

Armor changes

Stamina will be the main source of toughness now. Armor value will have different results of damage mitigation depending on the World Tier you are in.

Gear Set changes

The four-piece bonuses of Gear Sets have been rebalanced. Two piece bonuses will focus more on utility instead of stat bonuses. Five piece bonuses have been removed from the game. Reclaimer and BLIND have their four-piece bonuses inactive on the initial PTS version while they are being worked on.

Skill changes

Electronics will be the main source of Skill Power. Skill Power will not scale linearly anymore, instead, it will follow a curve of diminishing returns. Certain skills are currently much more popular than others. Some skills are overpowered, others underpowered or bugged. Skills have been rebalanced to fit the new game balance.

First Aid no longer allows for multiple heals, since those happened due to a bug. Its healing has been increased to make up for this fix. It will now heal instantly. Smart Cover and Pulse have been reworked. Smart Cover is now more defensive. Pulse’s high damage boost has been lowered to make it balanced with the new enemy health. Ballistic Shield and Support Station have been given more health. Support Station’s healing has been increased. Many bugs associated with skills have been fixed.

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