The September patch notes have just been released and the mid-season reinforcements are coming in to change the way the game is played. We’ll go over all the patch notes and give you our thoughts on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege update 4.2.

tom clancy's rainbow six siege update
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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Update is Live Now – Mid-Season reinforcements

This patch begins with the announcement of a new program called mid-season reinforcements. These changes will come in the middle of the season. So, you don’t have to wait a full three months for another update.

Operator buffs for Twitch

While the defenders are placing their gadgets, Twitch will have the ability to take them out by deploying her shock drone during the preparation phase. However, her drone could easily be spotted then but if you use it smartly you could do damage to the other team before the round even begins. Twitch’s two normal drones have now been replaced by a second shock drone. This second drone will not destroy the first one if it survived the preparation phase. So, Twitch can switch between the two. Shock drone will also move 30% faster. It’ll make less sound while moving. Range of the darts are increased from 5 to 10 meters.

Blackbeard has been nerfed

Before the update, players would put his shield on and it would stay the entire round. Sure, you would move really slowly but most players were willing to make that comprise in exchange for god-like vulnerability, Blackbeard now has two shield and can cycle between them. The hit points of the shield have massively decreased from 800 to 150. In the long run, this will discourage players from keeping their shield on at all times. Shield vulnerability will be displayed on the UI.

Operator buffs for Doc

They’ve made Doc much more versatile by giving him the ability to heal tea mates. He can revive or heal himself with a DBNL and provide support to other operators. However, the best buff is that he can now over-heal himself or a team mate till 120 HP, this HP will drop back to 100 HP after some time though (1 HP decrease after two seconds).

New gadgets

You now have claymore mines. It’s a deployable gadget you can use to cover your rear while attacking or flanking enemy positions. Here’s how the distribution works for Attackers:

  1. Thatcher loses Stun Grenades and gains a Claymore.
  2. Twitch loses Stun Grenades and gains Claymore.
  3. Glaz loses Breach Charges and gains Claymore.
  4. Thermite loses Stun Grenades and Breach Charges, gains Smoke Grenades and Claymore.

You also have an Impact Grenade which explodes a second after getting thrown.

New attachments

Muzzle Brake – Diminishes first shot recoil, It can be applied to G36C R4-C, MP7, SR-25, MK17, C8SFW, CAMRS, UMP45, MP5, P90, AK12, OTS-03, 552 COMMANDO, 416-C, 9x19VSN, MP5K, FMG-9, AR33, L85A2, 556xi, F2, 417, MPX

Heavy Barrel – Damage at long distance doesn’t decrease but there will be a lot of recoil. It can be applied to 416-C, beretta m12, C8-SFW, MAC-11, P90, Para-308, R4-C, 9mm C1, UMP45, Mk17 CQB

Let us know what you think of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Update 4.2.


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