Ubisoft had some launch problems with The Division. But, similarly to the Rainbow Six Siege, developers worked hard in delivering fixes and squashing bugs and made The Division one excellent multiplayer game. The game’s latest 1.4 patch rolled out during October, bringing a massive amount of fixes, improvements, and new features. The list is huge and can be checked out in full here.


The biggest changes include the addition of World Tiers, allowing players to select the level of enemy NPCs and the quality of loot they drop. Aside from World Tiers, there are tons of UI improvements, gameplay changes, and fixes.

Developers of the game, Ubisoft Massive, announced that the Public Test Server, used for testing the update 1.4 will return for the upcoming DLC pack, dubbed Survival. This means that the upcoming DLC is not far away and that will be launched very soon. As for the DLC itself, we know that it will be paid for and exclusive for Xbox One and PC gamers for one month, because of the timed exclusivity deal Ubisoft made with Microsoft. After a month, DLC will be available for PS4 as well. Before launching Survival DLC to the public, it will be tested by players via PTS (Public Test Servers).

The next update, 1.5, should come after Survival DLC finishes testing and gets released. There’s some info regarding the contents of the update, it will surely contain lots of fixes and optimizations. Further, the stash might get increased, higher World Tiers will drop the appropriate level named weapons, and the sound issue some PC players encountered should be fixed.


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