Tom Clancy’s The Division devs hold a weekly live stream where they discuss the state of the game. This time, however, their live stream clearly showed they were out of touch with the players. They want to focus on leaderboards and make it easy for the novice players. However, that is simply exploring the game in the wrong direction.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division weekly developer live stream was a disappointment

Since launch we’ve realized, not only do you need to know how to build your gear for PvP but also know how to use it, and how to fight. Strapping gear on doesn’t make you good. If anything, you will be anybody’s glorified target and their golden ticket to becoming man hunted. It’s all about strategy, and if you think the gap between top tier and low tier is too wide, then the devs should introduce a ranking system in the world tier.

GS does not determine how good you are. And last but not least, if you De-rank, your gear gets stat capped. Thus making your gear viable in any tier you enter and at the end of it all, it’s your skills that matter, not your gear. PS: Leaderboards should have been implemented from the very beginning, how has this become an idea now? Where are our Player Load outs? When are we going to fix the stupidity of not being able to enter a checkpoint because we are ”in combat” when there is no hostile aggroed?

If you’re able to enter the DZ from the outside world while all the NPC’s are shooting you, you should still be able to enter the checkpoint from the inside as well. How many of you have had the same problem? If you are rogue, you cannot enter a checkpoint, don’t be cheap, if you have the guts to shoot and kill, be ready to fight. We would also like to mention leaderboards better be policed when it comes down to Rogue Killing and Manhunts and Players Killed.


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