Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta was released just recently, but it seems like some hackers have already successfully hacked the game. The news was reported just yesterday, and Reddit revealed some more details about it. It is being said that the PC beta of The Division does not get any anti-cheat system, which is why almost everything is hackable from the client’s side.

A Reddit Member by the username “division_throwaway” posted:

“However, without stating anything specific on how to ‘cheat’ in this beta. It’s scarily simple.

Everything from ammo count, level XP, Dark Zone currency, player speed are all CLIENT trusted, and take time to sync via server time.

For example. Infinite ammo is possible by removing the instruction that’s responsible for adding/subtracting ammo into your player structure.

Speedhacking is possible by modifying the delta time used in the game’s update.”

But wait, the user is not playing a direct bluff. He has also provided the following video as an evidence to show desyncing/speedhacking from the Clientside:

Besides, another video had surfaced online yesterday, and it displayed a character being killed by a hacker who has apparently not visible to that victim character.

The same Reddit user “division_throwaway” commented on this by saying:

“And the speedhacking is possible for said ‘invisible people’. If a player that is speedhacking runs ahead of the position stated on the server, because the client trusts the position of the players, you can very well quickly take out an enemy without them seeing you and reclaim the reward/loot.”

We guess the developer’s behind Tom Clancy’s The Division might have not given the game an anti-cheat system just so that the hackers don’t get the opportunity for experiment with that system. However, we don’t claim or suggest that the final release version of The Division will not get anti-cheat system. All we can do is sit and hope that Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft can do enough to protect The Division from hackers.


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