Tokyo Ghoul Re chapter 102 was released a few days ago, meaning that fans are now eagerly waiting for the next chapter to arrive. The previous chapter left only one question in everyone’s mind, what will Akira do after she gets healed?

Here is a short recap of Tokyo Ghoul Re chapter 102 and spoilers of chapter 103.

Tokyo Ghoul Re Chapter 102 Recap

In Tokyo Ghoul Re chapter 102, Nico suddenly appeared in front of Banjou, Nishio and Takizawa. The three got surprised upon seeing him and asked him the purpose of his visit. He didn’t answer their question and the purpose of his visit remained unknown. His purpose was not even to get Roma back, although he did use Roma’s SOS signal to track their location. He later stated that they can do whatever they want to with Roma, he is just here to discuss some stuff with Kaneki.

Just when he is about to go and look for Kaneki, he sees Akira Mado lying on the bed. He tells everyone that she is about to die and tells Banjou that his healing skills are poor. Nico tells them that they need to take out the RC cells from Akira’s system, but that can only be done by a doctor who is aware of how a human body works. One wrong move can end the life of Akira. Nico then tells them that they can take her to either Dr. Kanou or the Great Wheel Act.

Tokyo Ghoul Re Chapter 103

Along with this, the White Suits sided with Kaneki. Reasoning with Miza was easy, but it took some time to convince Naki. Shuu was then asked by Naki, Hooguro and Shousei regarding what he plans to do with the White Suits, to which he replies by saying that Kaneki can answer their question. Naki however, remembered how Kaneki killed his very own brother, so she decided not to join him.

The two then engaged in a fight in which Kaneki had the upper hand. Kaneki easily managed to dodge every single attack delivered by Naki. He then finally attacked Naki and his kick landed right on her face. Kaneki was then declared the new leader of the White Suits after he revealed that Yamori has now become his strength.

Tokyo Ghoul Re Chapter 103

On the other hand, Nishio takes the card from Niko and hands it over to Kaneki. Nishio then tells Kaneki that the Great Wheel Act are a ghoul support organization, who can help Akria. He further states that as their location is now known, they should leave as soon as possible. Kaneki however, calls the organization and the chapter ends with Hisashi Ogura from the Great Wheel Act attending the call.

Tokyo Ghoul Re Chapter 103 Release Date And Spoilers

Now in Tokyo Ghoul Re chapter 103, rumor is that Akira will join Black Goat after getting healed. She is rumored to work as a spy in the CCG.

Tokyo Ghoul Re chapter 103 will be released sometime in this week. Let us know if you’re excited for it or not in the comments below.


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