Whenever a new FPS comes out, what’s the one thing people want to know the most? Weapons. The original Titanfall admittedly fell short in that bit. The second game aims to rectify that. In this article, we’ll go over the weapons and gadgets and how they differ from the first game. In the first game, there were around ten primary weapons excluding side-arms and Titan weapons. At the moment Titanfall 2 has 9 weapons, which is just a taste of what will be in the final game. Here’s our Titanfall 2 Weapons guide where we explore all the weapons in the game at the moment so you can have a pretty good idea of what to expect when the game launches.

titanfall 2 weapons guide
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Titanfall 2 Weapons Guide – Assault Rifles – R-201 Carbine

There’s only one in the game and that is the R-201 Carbine. In the first game, we had access to the R-101 C Carbine. The new one functions pretty much the same. It fires fully auto and has full accuracy. In the first game we had a semi-auto and a burst rifle too so we expect another two to three assault rifles when the game finally releases

SMGs CAR and Alternator

In terms of SMGs, we have the CAR and the Alternator. Alternator was our favorite. It had way more damage than the CAR and was brutal up close but way less accurate. The CAR SMG was also in Titanfall 1 but isn’t exactly the same in this game.

LMGs – Spitfire and L-Star

Spitfire was in the first game as well. It does decent damage but has a very slow fire-rate. You’re going to struggle against assault rifles and SMGs if you decide to use it in close quarters. The new L-Star is a rapid energy firing LMG. So, you will be firing lasers at very high RPM. The kills with the L-Star are incredibly satisfying because it causes the enemy to explode.

Sniper Rifles – Double Take and Kraber AP

Kraber is a one-shot Sniper rifle that is great at long range but not very effective up close. The D-2 Double Take fires off two shots (thus the name). This is a very brutal gun and when you combine it with some of the attachments like Ricochet it can be very deadly.

Shotguns – Mastif

This shotgun is insane. It fires a shot in a really nice wide spread. There’s this huge satisfaction of wall running around the map and shotgunning people while in full parkour mode.

Grenadier weapons – EPGG-1

It fires off a massive but fairly slow-moving energy ball. It’s pretty damaging but very easy to miss because of the slow speed of firing.

Attachments – Grapple Hook, Holo Pilot, Cloak and Stim

We had a lot of fun with the Grapple Hook. In Titanfall 2 the players have more weight to them that’s why they jump a bit slower. The grapple helps you move around faster. You can grapple onto any surface and it will propel you along. You can swing around corners and into obstacles if you get it right. It’s even more fun to use when you hook up to enemy Titans or an enemy player.

Holo Pilot is the ability we tend to use the least. It’s mainly because very few people are tricked by it that we decided to stop using it. It can be used against long-range camping snipers.

Cloak is one of the main abilities to rival the Grapple. If you’re using a sniper or shotgun it is especially nasty to use. We personally think Cloak needs to become a little more visible because at the moment there seems to be no way to visually detect a cloaked person until they are right into your face and that can be downright unfair in some situations. The cloaked person also doesn’t lose the cloak when they fire so that also needs to change.

Last but not the least is the Stim. This heals you up and gives you a massive boost of speed. It’s very useful at the start of matches and getting out of trouble. Combine this with wall-running and you can get around pretty easily and safely.

The Auto Pistol is still in the game but…

The auto pistol is now a boost card which is similar to burn cards. Which means it’s no longer a permanent equipable weapon.

What do you think of our Titanfall 2 weapons guide? Let us know in the comments. Check out other articles on Titanfall 2 at MobiPicker here. We’ll keep you updated with more Titanfall 2 weapons guide and other stuff.


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