Let’s take a look at some of the anti-Titan weapons in our Titanfall 2 Weapons Guide. Side note: We found that the thunderbolt could be used as a poor man’s pulse blade. If you had an idea of where an enemy pilot’s general location was but weren’t sure, or if you knew they were hiding in a building, you could fire it off. And it would arc lighting to them showing exactly where they were.

titanfall 2 weapons guide
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Titanfall 2 Weapons Guide for anti-Titan play

The Charge Rifle is our personal favorite. Hold the fire button to charge the weapon up. Once the meter on your aim reticle fills, a devastating laser beam is unleashed. This will kill pilots in one shot and deal a good amount of damage to enemy Titans as well. This is the only anti-Titan weapon capable of critical hits. So, make sure to aim for the glowing red areas on the Titans. Generally, this is a long range support anti-Titan weapon.

Charge Rifle enables you to take out your foes from outside their effective range while limiting the time that you expose yourself. If you’re after pilot killing then combine this with the charge hack attachment. This makes for a very fun pistol replacement. The charge hack will make sure you no longer have to wait for the Charge Rifle to power up. You may fire it instantly but at the cost of reduced damage.

Combine the above with the Amped Weapon Boost or the Amped Wall Tactical Ability. This will still make it a one-shot kill against pilots. Another high damage anti-Titan weapon is the Mag Launcher. It’s meant to be used at close to medium range. The gun fires magnetic grenades in a two round burst which are attracted to enemy Titans provided they are only few feet away from them.

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