We’ll be taking a look at the sword-wielding Samurai in our Titanfall 2 Ronin Guide. It’s a phase-shifting ninja with a giant sword. The Ronin class Titan is a hit and run close quarters mech. It’s lightly armored and built for speed with abilities that aren’t designed for getting up close and personal with enemies. The primary weapon is the triple barreled shotgun which fires all three barrels at once with the single pull of the trigger.

titanfall 2 ronin guide
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Titanfall 2 Ronin Guide

Executions only work when either one is in the doomed state. So literally the only time you’re going to be able to do it is when someone is in doomed state and the same goes for them doing it to you. As for the phase dash, you need to be fully aware of what’s around you before dashing. It’s not RNG crap like most players are seen complaining about, it’s the player’s failure to check their surroundings before doing it. Also, don’t use sword core when you’re already in the doomed state.

The part about the executions not being guaranteed could also be just as much about ping and lag. We’ve never been in a situation where a Ronin failed to execute my titan when it was doomed. But if it is a bug, then, of course, it needs to be fixed.

Some needed tweaks in Ronin

As for the phase dash deaths, a lot of people complain that right after they phase dash some lucky player just happens to be around the corner and kills them during the Phase Dash. It’s pretty damn rare but there are ways of preventing it from happening. We get that if you charge in close, it’s more likely to happen. The easiest way to prevent it happening is to know where enemies are before you dash and avoid dashing in too close. Experienced avoid using phase dash altogether when attacking and simply use it to get away from enemies instead. Luck might play a part from time to time but changing your playstyle to adapt to the situation can make a big difference.

At the moment, the Sword Core feels lackluster compared to other core abilities, especially the Legion’s smart core or the Ion’s laser core. If Respawn were to make a change we would actually like to see sword core give the Ronin a movement buff. Maybe faster-recharging dashes (like the dash core in the original Titanfall) to allow it to survive longer as well as maybe buffing the Arc swipe. Basically, people are not wrong when saying that Ronin needs some tweaks but we also think there’s a very specific way to play Ronin well.

Let us know your thoughts on our Titanfall 2 Ronin Guide.


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