Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that the multiplayer technical test for Titanfall 2 will be exclusive to PS4 and Xbox One, and that there will be no PC version of the test. This might sound like an odd decision, but Respawn has penned a post on why they decided to go ahead with this move.

Titanfall 2

According to the developer, one reason the PC was left out is because of specifications. Not enough work has been performed on optimising the game for different configurations of computers yet, and the game has simply not been optimised properly just yet. The second reason why PC players won’t get to play the multiplayer tech test is to preserve story spoilers.

Describing the PC community as “wonderfully curious”, Respawn says they do not want to risk having any of their single player content spoiled by content miners. This might be concerning if it turns into a trend amongst developers, but is something that can probably not be helped. If there’s game files, they will be dug into by content miners at some point sooner or later – usually sooner.

Are you looking forward to the tech test? Or are you a PC-only gamer? Let us know in the comments below.


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