Like the original, the duality in switching between Titanfall 2’s nimble pilots and monstrous titans is the heart of what makes its multiplayer great. The sequel’s additional changes do little to distract from its gameplay loop but are still pretty significant. The pilot’s ability to effortlessly traverse terrain is still remarkably fluid. And Titans feel like a more permanent investment thanks to the new Rodeo system.

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Titanfall 2 doesn’t have Titan loadouts anymore

Titan loadouts have been scraped in favor of six unique archetypes. Each has a charismatic and thematic appropriation. This change may seem a step backward with regards to customization but the ability to identify an enemy Titan’s ability at a glance is well worth the sacrifice.

You can identify a pilot’s ability just by looking at it during play

Increased readability is present on foot too. Each pilot’s character model is directly linked to their tactical ability. A pilot draped in exotic fur, for instance, has the ability to hide.

Revised Rodeo system

It provides the mechanic with a set outcome that is beneficial for the aggressor and is less frustrating for the victim. Climbing an enemy mech now allows you to steal their battery. You could use this battery on a friendly Titan or your own one.

Smart Pistol is no longer a primary weapon

The auto-aiming firearm still exists but in a power-up only capacity. The Smart Pistol is now called a Pilot Boost. If you’ve played Overwatch, then just think of Ultimates. There are other boosts like amped weapons, free battery and so on.

You can literally customize anything in the game

From the animation used when executing an opponent to the commanders that brief you at the start of every match.The conventional weapon, Titan and Pilot skins are also present.

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