Titanfall 2 is still about a year to its release date, but Respawn has already started giving us glimpses into what it might be like. In spite of the first game’s massive success, it did have a handful of shortcomings – such as, it was difficult to find the position and identity of every player in the game because of flaws in the code. The company said that they knew the answer to all our questions but were not in a position to tell us them in the game.


Now that the first game has been a massive success, the makers of the game are considering taking a much more detailed look at the game and determining the best way to make the game available to players. The story of the game, that is, the history of the American Revolution set in space, is something that is both realistic, enchanting, and also fictional at the same time.

In order to root it deeper into reality and bring a player to position where it can associate with the game taking their own time, the game programmers have decided to give it a single player campaign, according to IGN. Not only that, the developers have also mentioned to Forbes that they are considering giving it a shot to make a TV show out of the game as well. While the only constraint is cost, the firm believes that a TV show would really make their game reach out to a bigger audience and bring in the money that they envision for themselves.


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