It is now almost hopeless to think of Samsung without Galaxy smartphones of it. Not a surprise – Galaxy series is all over popular and come in many different models. Sadly, as most other apparatus, Galaxy phones have their flaws, and UI is one of them, which gets unresponsive many times, even on high end devices like Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3 and Note 4 etc. Happily, you got few steps to make Samsung Galaxy phone faster and those steps come in S Voice’s settings.
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S Voice, for people who do not recall, is a virtual helper, which Samsung assembled as a reply to Apple’s Siri. For the last two & a half years, it’s been among many pre-packed bells and whistles on the top Galaxy smartphones of Samsung, reachable at any given moment using a double- press the home button of the devices.

However, as suitable as it can be, the lagging interface is being caused by this home button S Voice shortcut – a delay is not difficult to see when you return to your own home display by pressing the home button.

The alternative? To try it, start S Voice and visit its Settings. Disable the “Open through the home key” choice and you are done!

You ought to immediately realize that the home button is receptive, bringing you quicker to your home display than before. Clearly, you can not get S Voice from the home button shortcut but it is still possible to activate the Samsung’s voice helper from its program shortcut, in case you need to do so.

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