Are you a Tinder user but more often end up suggesting people to your friends? Well, Tinder officially allows you to be a matchmaker now with a new feature. If you update the app now and open it, you will see that Tinder has got a new share button, which lets you share others’ profile that you come across to your phone contacts.

The app creates a link that you can share to the contacts in your phone. The link expires either in three days or after five clicks, whichever comes first. If you swipe right on a profile that has been shared with you, your profile may come up in the recommendations of that person, thus giving you a high chance of getting right-swiped.

tinder share button

As of now, users have started rushing to use this feature. Of course, Tinder developers accept that the matchmaking feature can get intrusive. If you are tired of your friends or family members sharing profiles all day long, you can choose to opt out. Though one good thing about the share button is that you don’t need to save screenshots of profiles that you want to have a second opinion on. That’s great for your phone memory at least.

Have you tried the feature yet? If you have not yet updated your App on Android device, you can download it from the below-given source link.


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