Cinder Interactive Arts have discharged a teaser trailer for its up and coming CRYENGINE-controlled version of TimeSplitters. The game is called TimeSplitters Rewind. Timesplitters Rewind is an independent multiplayer game being created by devotees of the first Timesplitters arrangement. It will include characters, maps, and weapons from each of the three games totally modified.

TimeSplitters Rewind
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TimeSplitters Rewind gets official teaser trailer

The group focuses on bolstering up to 16 players and the game is right now being made ready for a 2018 or 2017 release. Cinder Interactive Arts did not reveal the platforms for which this new TimeSplitters game will be discharged. Be that as it may, it’s just about a given that the PC will be among them.

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TimeSplitters Rewind won’t be re-utilizing the assets from the past TimeSplitters games. While Cinder Interactive Arts have the previous resources, it is utilizing them as its concept art. They have a specific end goal to fabricate new assets that ought to conform to current industry gauges.

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Source: PC Gamer


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