Dell’s upcoming XPS 13 edition for developers will have Linux (Ubuntu) installed. What is alluring to tech enthusiasts is that the device will come with Dell’s latest Thunderbolt 3 technology that allows for lighting fast transfer speeds. Thunderbolt 3 is a latest advent into the world of connectors that allows PCs to be connected to monitors and hard disks. It is four times faster than USB – to give you an example, transferring a 4K movie from an external storage device to a PC takes only 30 seconds.

Thunderbolt 3

Naturally, because of the simplistic nature of the OS, Linux computers will be a lot more compatible with the new connector technology than Windows PCs. This is because Linux is capable of using the technology to a greater extent – users can make use of two 4K monitor at the same time, something that Windows devices cannot support.

One of the biggest ways Thunderbolt 3 can change the scene of connector technology is that it would aid us in moving away from proprietary devices to USB Type C connectors that are being added to PCs. However a special controller is required for them to support Thunderbolt 3 at the moment.

There is always the question of whether peripherals that require separate driver support will work with Thunderbolt 3 in Linux systems, as no peripheral in the website of Thunderbolt has been listed as being compatible with Linux. Nonetheless, it is no doubt a great and innovative advancement for the electronic world when it comes to connector technology, and we are enthusiastic to see how the future unfolds for Thunderbolt 3.


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