The Nintendo Switch is perhaps the most innovative gaming console of 2017. Apart from being an actual gaming console like the PS4, it can also function as a portable gaming device like the PS Vita. So far, it has sold around two million units worldwide and there will be more to come. However, that is not to say that the Nintendo Switch is a perfect gaming machine. There are still some quirks that many thinks would need to be sorted out in the days to come.

nintendo switch

System Storage

At the moment, the internal flash storage on the Nintendo Switch is limited to 32GB. Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, this amount of memory is not the actual available free space for game storage. According to earlier reports, around 6.1GB of that will be used the firmware, leaving only 13.4GB for the games. For people who like buying digital games online, this is very small. While Nintendo said that the console can support a maximum of 2TB of SD card storage, it is still an extra expense of the buyers’ part.

nintendo switch

Game Bundles and Price

Most of the gaming consoles in the market today come with game bundles to attract more would-be buyers. In comparison to the Nintendo Switch, consoles like the PS4 can be had for much cheaper in addition to a bundled game. At the moment, The Nintendo Switch is priced at $299 without any bundled game. If Nintendo wants the console to pick up, it would have to do better on the pricing and game bundles.

nintendo switch price

More AAA Games

Finally, of all the issues about the Nintendo Switch, this one is the most pressing. Right now, the console lacks a number of AAA game titles in its list. Furthermore, the games available on launch is also limited to some degree. Fortunately, on this side of the problem, Nintendo still has a chance for redemption. Perhaps meeting up with more indie game developers will make the Nintendo Switch more worthwhile. By expanding the list of titles available on the Nintendo Switch, more gamers will be inclined to buy it with their hard-earned money.


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