Apple launched its much-awaited 4-inch iPhone SE this week. The iPhone SE may be called as a blend of the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 5S. It has hardware specs from the former while the look and design from the latter. This device may be seen as Apple’s attempt to bring the older iPhone users to an upgraded hardware and software while at the same time not burning their pockets too deep.

iphone se iphone 6s

However, the question which still looms is whether a 4-inch smartphone is a feasible option when the world including the hard-core Apple fans are moving in the opposite way preferring bigger displays. This was clearly evident from the great response with which its bigger siblings were received.

Since its release, the iPhone SE has been a butt of a tonne of internet jokes and memes. People have found rather imaginative ways to make intended puns and ironical comments on this device.

A host of these is related to the very name of this device. The ‘SE’ in the name of the iPhone SE stands for ‘special edition’ according to Apple. But the internet has several humorous versions including iPhone Second (Hand) Edition, iPhone Still Expensive, iPhone Super Expensive, iPhone Sorry Everyone, Small Hands Edition, Sad Edition, Small Edition, iPhone Sony Ericsson, Surrender Everyone and iPhone Sheep Edition. Well, a few of them are really witty.

Then comes the size of the screen which has been ridiculed like anything. The floodgates opened when someone said that it was most suited to Donald Trump’s ‘small hands’.

Here are a few handpicked tweets out of the thousands out there:

People also took a jibe on the iPhone SE stating that it was the same old iPhone 5 with some new specs.

People also didn’t forget the meager 16 GB offered by Apple for their ‘economy’ phones.

Mind you folks, this is some light intended humour and we would advise you to keep it that way. In the meanwhile, if you wish to full specs of the iPhone SE, you can see it here.


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