It seems that a new update for The Sims is in the works, and will be called the “Spring Challenge”. What can users expect from this update? Well, you can harvest “growfruit” for one, and you can also go on an easter egg hunt. According to the Sims team, the update will be an in-game challenge available only for one month.


To get the growfruit seed, you need to go around and look for a Sim named Jasmine Holiday. Start up a conversation with her to get the seed, and then plant it to grow a growfruit tree. The growfruit tree will grow… fruit… and then you can harvest said fruit. Harvest 20 growfruit and bring them back to Jasmine Holiday to unlock a new garden planter. Grow the growfruit perfectly, and you’ll get an even better planter.

This year’s easter egg hunt will work the same way as it did in last year’s hunt: you must collect 10 decorative Easter eggs, and you’ll be awarded a stuffed bunny for it! Yay!

The Sims 4 released on Windows back in 2014, and on Mac last year. It’s available for purchase now, and has had a whole load of updates already.

Are you excited for the Spring Challenge? Let us know in the comments below.


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