There are rumors going around lately that The Sims 4 DLC Update will feature pets & seasons. Most people are skeptical because such things don’t make sense in the City Life DLC but we have every reason to believe these rumors to be true. Maybe we could get these in an expansion pack after City Living. Digging a bit deep into these rumors reveals a tiny bit more info that sort of confirms these rumors.

the sims 4 dlc update
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The Sims 4 DLC Update could feature pets and seasons

Last year Daniel Hiatt, game designer of Sims 4, tweeted this.

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Later on when he was asked whether pets will be objects like babies he replied with a No. Recently, he was asked about pets again on Reddit. He said he thinks there should be but he then followed it with a cryptic “what do I know?”. That was a massive indication that pets could be confirmed soon.

Again, this is just rumors but Daniel usually doesn’t say things like this unless his team is actually working on it. So, are they actually planning on bring pets and seasons in the new The Sims 4 DLC Update? If they weren’t even working on it, they would’ve said something like “no comment”. The fact that they said the pets could be on their way is a huge indication that they are indeed working on it.

Once more, we’d remind you that these are just rumors and there is nothing beside Daniel’s cryptic remarks to confirm these. However, they are yet to be 100% confirmed. But some game files have been found in the game already that talk about possible future plans for pets in the game. If any more information pops up we’ll keep you updated. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more news and updates.Let us know your thoughts about these rumors in the comments.