The most anticipated reality show ‘The Little Couple’ returns to the TLC on Sep.19, 2017. Fans of the show will witness new changes taking place in the life of Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein. Their two adopted kids (international adoptions) are growing up quick and Jen has to manage her family alongside her career. Read to know more.

1. Shifting To A New Place

Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein have to make an important decision as Jen’s career takes a new leap. According to the official website, “Jen is offered a job in St. Petersburg, Florida with Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.” It will be interesting to watch how their kids, Zoey and Will adapt to moving into a new place and to see if Bill really happy to shift to Florida.

The Little Couple
Photo Credit: Facebook/The Little Couple

2. New Set of Challenges

The couple is going to face the new set of challenges as the kids are growing up quickly. As per the aforementioned source, the kids are older and more independent. The sneak peek for the new season shows the difficulties kids face at the different classes they join in. Will they be able to face people?  According to People, “Bill and Jen also face new parenting challenges when it comes to discipline, difficult conversations and managing “potty-talk” with their kids.”

3. A Foreign Tour

Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein along with their children Will and Zoey will visit London. The preview shows they are likely to have a good time discovering new places.

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The couple Arnold and Klein suffer from skeletal dysplasia. Due to which, Jen is 3 feet 2 inches tall and Bill is 4 feet tall. They both have adopted two kids who also have the same medical problem. The reality show ‘The Little Couple’ tracks their day-to-day life.