Exploration in Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the coolest features of the game that offers a variety of other crucial elements. But, sometimes while exploring the world of Hyrule, suddenly non-friendly and powerful creatures get in front of you. These creatures are called Sub-Bosses or Mini-Bosses and are quite challenging to defeat. As the strong and powerful enemies, the creatures are challenging to defeat but they are a great source of unlimited loot. Mostly, you’ll find these creatures while completing quests in the game.

Almost every quest in Breath of the Wild has a mini-boss enemy. Each mini-boss is different than the other and that’s why defeating them is quite tricky. If you are new to the game and you are failing to defeat the Sub-bosses, you don’t need to worry about that at all. We’ve created a guide that will tell you exactly how you can defeat the mini-bosses. Let’s have a look at the easiest ways of defeating the mini-bosses.

Following is the list of various Sub-bosses and ways to defeat them.

Stone Talus – How to Defeat the Giant Stone Boss

Stone Talus is a gigantic Stone creature that is a bit difficult to defeat. We know that in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, if you use your weapons on Stone, they break up. So to defeat Stone Talus, you’ll have to be a bit careful. You cannot simply go to Stone Talus and start using your weapon on it. If you do so, it’ll result in a great weapon and health loss. So instead of breaking your weapons and to save yourself from possible death, you must follow these steps.

If you encounter a smaller Stone Talus, you can simply damage it by throwing a Bomb and detonating it. And if you are able to detonate the bomb on time, it’ll blast the Talus into smithereens in a matter of seconds. If for some reason, the bombs don’t work on smaller Talus, then you can use the weapons that are specifically designed to work with stone and rocks. These weapons include items such as Sledgehammers, special swords and stuff.

If you encounter a larger Stone Talus, you must watch out for their primary moves. In most of the cases, a larger Stone Talus would throw it’s huge stone arms at you. To disable the larger Talus’s primary moves, you must throw bombs at their arms and detonate at the right time. Once both of Stone Talus’s arms are blasted off, they’ll simply collapse. Use this particular opportunity to jump on Stone Talus’s back, and target the giant Crystal. This crystal is Stone Talus’s source of power. Once it’s gone, the Stone Talus will be defeated.

Keep in mind that the weapons that are not designed for Stone Creatures will not work on them. So to damage them you must use the weapons that are designed for them such as Sledgehammers. Sledgehammers will do wonders against Stone Talus.

Same goes with the Fire type Talus. You can’t defeat a fire Talus unless you have a Flameproof Armor. The Flame-proof armor and an elixir and food buff should be in your inventory if you have to go against a fire-type Talus. In addition, you can use Ice Arrows to cool it down a bit and then attack with your weapons.

If you face an Ice type Talus, you must have an un-freezable armor, elixir and food buff in your inventory. In addition, you can use Fire Arrows, Fire Imbued weapons with wands to melt the Talus and then attack it for a maximum damage.

Hinox – How to Kill the One-eyed Troll Mini-Boss

There are a lot of Goblins and Trolls in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that you’ll have to fight. You’ll also face countless Bokoblins and Moblins as well in the game. Hinox is like a King figure to all of the other Goblin and Troll classes. And because of that, it’s quite difficult to defeat. The Hinox Trolls are divided into variations and they are found in various parts of Hyrule. They are classified based on their powers that are further based on their color types. For example, the Red Hinox are less healthy and easy to defeat, The Blue Hinox are a little more powerful than the Red ones, and the Black Hinox are the Smartest and more powerful ones. There are also Stalnox (Skeleton Hinox) and they are classified as some of the strongest of all.

Hinox are kind of Lazy creatures. You’ll find them sleeping mostly when you’ll approach them. But if you are not enough careful while passing beside them, you’ll end up waking them. So, if they are wake up, you must attack them at the very first chance you get. Hinox are also a great source of Loot that you’ll see around their neck most of the times.

Your first and foremost action against a Hinox must be to acquire all the loot they have. So if you have a full body Stealth Armor, you can easily sneak up on them from behind and collect the loot. In case if they are awake and attacking, you must target their eyes. Hinox’s eyes are the most sensitive area, so if you are able to attack their eyes, they’ll get more damage. You can use any of the Melee weapons to Poke their eyes.

If Hinox are low on health, they’ll cover their eyes. This will make it harder for you to target their eyes. So, you must look for any opening in their bodies of start a parry and dodge game. With the help of Upgrades version of the Stasis Rune, when hit, Hinox will uncover it’s eye for a brief amount of time. That’s your window to attack it eyes and you’ll have to do it fast. Throw an arrow in its eye and you are done.

In case Hinox get a little more agitated and picks up a tree trunk, you should instantly back off a bit. If hit with the tree trunk, you’ll lose a lot of health and possibly die of the hard blow. Hinox also have a hard armor on their legs, so you must not waste your time on poking Hinox’s legs. Instead, keep on targeting the eyes and you’ll have Hinox defeated in a very little time with less effort.

Molduga – How to Beat the massive Sand Worm

Molduga is a Sand Worm type huge Mini-boss that you will have to face in Gerudo Desert region. This beast lives in deserts and can prosper in many different and hard environmental conditions but you won’t survive for long. So to keep on moving, you must be able to defeat Molduga in order to get out of the desert fast. Molduga moves in the desert by swimming near the surface of sand. With a fast attacking speed, Molduga has the ability to attack you anytime and anywhere. So, you need to be careful while passing through Molduga’s territory.

If you are the unluckiest ones and you have Molduga chasing you wildly, there is no other chance of survival instead of fighting and killing it. So to defeat Molduga, The Sand Worm, you can follow these steps.

When you are in Molduga’s area, you should look for a safer ground. Try remaining on place that’s not sandy such as Rocks. When Molduga appears, throw a bomb and detonate it on time when Molduga appears on the surface. If Molduga swallows the Bomb, you must detonate it and it’ll send the Molduga to smithereens. In some cases, Molduga remains in the battle instead of simply dying. So, you must attack it with the proper weapons. Repeat all this procedure 2, 3 times more and you’ll eventually defeat Molduga.

Lynel – How to Defeat the Powerful Man-Lion Mini-Boss

Lynel is a Centaur and man-like powerful creature. It tops the ranks of one of the most challenging and brutal enemies in Zelda; Breath of the Wild. Like Hinox, Lynel has a number of variations in the game. You’ll find Lynel with varying strengths in various regions of the game world. Mainly there are four different types of Lynel in Hyrule. Lynel are classified into Red, Blue, White, and Silver colored beasts.

Every fight with the Lynel seems like a proper Duel because of its abilities of wielding the weapons. You’ll come into contact with Lynel during the main quest progression. If you have to fight off Lynel, you definitely should but you can also go stealth around it and you’ll never need to get into a fight at all. This you can achieve by the stealth element. You can simply collect the loot and keep on going your way. If you really want to fight Lynel, you can always use the following strategy.

We know there are Four types of Lynel in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and all four of them are different than the others. Differently colored Lynel have different abilities and they can wield different types of weapons. So, you’ll be getting into a ranged battle every time you are fighting the Lynel. Avoid getting directly into a Bow-to-Bow fight with Lynel because they have Elemental Arrows and they are really good with them. So that chances are, you’ll lose most of the fights.

Avoid Lynel while they Roar, because their Roar is followed by a huge slam of their weapon in the ground that creates a powerful explosion and that explosion can kill you in an instant. You must run away from the blast or block it with the shield if you have one.

Stay away from Lynel’s Fireball radius. Lynel throws the Fireballs in a projectile manner so get closer to Lynel and keep on running in circles around it. This way the projectiles won’t reach you and you’ll be safe from the Fireball attack. Another beneficial move is to run and get on Lynel’s back when the fireball attack occurs. This will enable you to attack Lynel and the continuous attack will damage Lynel more.

As a weapon waging beast, Lynel loves Melee attacking the opponents, so be aware of the powerful weapon blows. You must be able to block Lynel’s Melee attacks with your shield and if you have a good timing, you can attack just after Lynel’s attack ends. This offers you a very short window to attack Lynel but it damages it more.

If you possess an upgraded version of Stasis, you can use it to freeze Lynel when it’s charging you. This way you’ll be able slow Lynel down for a brief amount of time. During the Freeze time, you can also attack Lynel with your elemental arrows.

Another easy way to defeat Lynel is to get it into a ranged combat. This will allow you to hit Lynel with your Bow. You must hit Lynel on the face with an arrow and it’ll be stunned temporarily. This will allow you to further attack Lynel and damage it more.

Lynel’s Fireball attack creates updraft. You can use this updraft to your benefit by riding on it with the help of your paragliding abilities. On your way back to ground, you can throw some elemental arrows at Lynel and enjoy damaging it more in a Slow-mo manner.

Follow Up

We’ve covered some of the possible strategies to defeat a number of the challenging Mini-bosses in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. By using these strategies, you can easily defeat or kill the powerful rivals and complete a number of quests with ease. However, these are not the only mini-bosses and neither are these the only ways in which you can defeat the beasts. If you know of any other ways to defeat the bosses, do share with us. We’ll love to hear from you via the comments.


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