The most popular game of the PS4 finally got an update and it’s an important one. The Last Of Us Remastered 1.07 Update adds HDR support and prepares the game for the upcoming PS4 Pro. Keep in mind that HDR and 4K are quite different. More realistic spectrum of colours alters lighting in a significant way, therefore you are able to see much more details on surfaces where the light shines.

the last of us remastered 1.07 update
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The Last Of Us Remastered 1.07 Update adds HDR support

The PlayStation 4 Pro is out November 10, BUT anyone with an HDR compatible TV can see these visual improvements today. It gives the viewer more details in colors that are sometimes too bright or too dark.

You don’t need the Playstation 4 pro in order to use or even really see the HDR. The PS4 Pro is only useful if you want to take advantage of 4k gaming and/or 1080p with better frame rates AND HDR. The current PS4 got an update and it can take advantage of HDR. HDR and 4k are totally different things. HDR is just a technology that gives better and richer colors which the current PS4 can take advantage of only IF you have an HDR compatible TV (only 4k TVs have HDR right now) and if the game developers have sent the patch.

If we’re not mistaken, Samsung is calling their 4K HDR televisions SUHD TVs. When you launch the game and go to the settings>Video Settings you will see a section that’s saying something like “HDR Mode Disabled”. If your tv is HDR capable you will be able to Enable that. Otherwise, it will seem like a faded away line and you won’t be able to do any changes to it.

All the PS4 Pro does is upscale. 4K HDR TVs upscale as well. The major improvements will be through the HDR which every PlayStation is getting. 4K is not the future, HDR is. The way HDR makes the black levels black and the way the colors pop is so amazing and 4K can’t do that.

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