The Last Guardian was shown during the Tokyo Game Show 2016 in Japan. The game has been the butt of all jokes and memes ever since it was announced in 2011, mainly because of the delays. Furthermore, the game was delayed for, supposedly, the last time. However, many people got some hands-on with the game and most of them didn’t like what they see, including us. We give you our The Last Guardian gameplay impressions here. Keep in mind, the developer most likely delayed the game to fix technical issues. So far, we see a really buggy and glitchy game which we will elaborate in the article.

the last guardian gameplay impressions
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The Last Guardian Gameplay Impressions – Bugs, glitches and a lack of any enjoyment whatsoever

The Last Guardian is scheduled to come on December 6, 2016 for the PlayStation 4. The puzzles are the most exciting part of the game and trying to reinforce a meaningful relation with your giant pet also makes the experience appealing. However, there are some fundamental problems with the core gameplay.

The movement is clumsy. A video posted by Polygon showed the protagonist an anchor chain while continuously fumbling for no reason. The main character doesn’t walk as much as it lurches in the direction you push the analog stick in. The platforming sequence isn’t so good either with inaccurate jumps being too frequent independent of the player’s skill level.

There are also bugs that affect the gameplay a lot. For example, you try to jump to the next platform but end up grabbing a nearby ledge instead. This happens even though you aren’t turned towards the ledge. Your giant pet Trico is entirely unpredictable. It might follow you everywhere sometimes (annoyingly) or just sit at a spot and not give a damn.

Fans of the original PlayStation 2 version of the game might feel at home with all this stuff. However, many new gamers will easily find all these problems too annoying to let them enjoy the game. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more The Last Guardian Gameplay Impressions.


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