The filming for Marvel’s upcoming TV series, The Inhumans has begun and the cast and crew are currently filming some scenes in Hawaii. Recently, a few pictures from the set of the show surfaced, which have given us our very first look at Anton Mount, dressed as Black Bolt. The pictures also reveal the pre-CGI version of Lockjaw, the two-thousand-pound dog, who is a pet of Crystal.

The Inhumans

Judging from the pictures which surfaced from the set of The Inhumans, Marvel has decided to drop the iconic mask Black Bolt. Anton Mount is seen wearing his suit only, which suggests that he won’t be wearing a mask in the series. It kinds of make sense considering the fact that why would the king of In humans wear a mask and hide his face? However, the suit is taken right from the comics and is perfectly designed.

Black Bolt And Lockjaw’s Design 

The lightening bolt design on the suit is pretty much taken from the original source. However, the zig zag is black instead of white. In the image, Mount was seen wearing black leather boots, pants, and a jacket. The lightening bolt design is present on the chest and it looks, marvelous. Along with Black Bolt, fans also got the chance to see the Lockjaw. For those who don’t know, Black Bolt is accompanied by a huge green dog who goes by the name Lockjaw. In the pictures which were from the set of the film, a CGI version of Lockjaw was seen. Though it was not real, but the size of the CGI version pretty much resembles that from the comics. You can have a look at the four images from the set of The Inhumans below, and see how Black Bolt is going to look in the upcoming film.

The Inhumans Cast 

As for the cast, Anson Mount is going to play the role of Black Bolt,  Iwan Rheon is going to play as Maximus, and Isabelle Cornish will play the role of Crystal. The remaining cast can be seen below.

  • Serinda Swan as Medusa
  • Ken Leung as Karnak
  • Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon
  • Mike Moh as Triton
  • Sonya Balmores as Auran
  • Ellen Woglom as Undisclosed Character
  • Lockjaw as himself

The Inhumans Release Date

The first two episodes of The Inhumans will be released in more than 1000 IMAX theaters worldwide on September 1, 2017. After a few days, on September 26, the eight-episode series will start on ABC.

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Let us know if you’re excited for The Inhumans or not in the comments below.


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