“The Flash” Season 4 spoilers reveal some surprising events. According to the reports, the new bad guy in the upcoming season will be none other than the Thinker aka Clifford DeVoe. It will be interesting to watch how Barry fights with Devoe. Will it be a fight between mental abilities or physical power?

“The Flash” Season 4 will release this fall, reports Cartermatt. The source says that DeVoe will be the next Big Bad. The character is not new to fans as he was mentioned multiple times all through the third season, even though only by his last name.

‘The Flash’ Season 4 To Reveal Battle Between Thinker And Barry

Previously, fans speculated that the character of DeVoe will end up bringing in a new twist to the story. Many even speculated that he will most probably turn into a woman. One of the funniest speculations was that the Thinker could be the brilliant scientist Tracy Brand.

The Flash Season 4

But now it is confirmed that DeVoe will be the Big Bad. Recent reports indicate that the CW series production team is looking for a man in his forties to play the character on television.  This particular character is a brilliant man who eventually acquires the power of both controlling the mind and telekinesis.

According to the source, Thinker will be the most intellectual and challenging villain ever faced by Barry Allen in all these years. It would be interesting to see whether Thinker will be able to match the speed of Barry. But one thing is sure that Barry will not be able to match the mental abilities of DeVoe.

Who Exactly Is Clifford DeVoe aka Thinker?

DeVoe is not new to the comic world as he was one of the first villains to be introduced in the Flash comics. The character was created by Everett E. Hibbard and Gardner Fox in September 1943 and DeVoe was there for three generations before he died in 1998 in “The Flash #134,” reports International Business Times.

So, it would be interesting to see DeVoe fight against Barry Allen in the upcoming “The Flash” Season 4.

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